Setting up an In-house Mediation Service

Mediation offers a time effective, resolution tool to ensure that the effects of conflict on your organisation are addressed.

Globis offers a full, wrap around mediation service that includes:
  • Consultancy to design a best practice in-house mediation service for your organisation
  • Accredited workplace mediation training
  • A framework for identifying and recruiting in-house mediators
  • Advice and support in weaving mediation principles into the culture of your organisation
  • Monitoring and evaluation materials
  • The opportunity for access to external mediators where required
  • An organisation mediation protocol framework 

Globis is able to work with you to build a mediation package that perfectly fits the requirements of your organisation.The benefits of having an in-house mediation scheme are many and varied. For example:

  • It improves staff morale in the knowledge that a process exists to deal with issues of conflict appropriately
  • It helps improve the organisation culture and reputation, helping to reduce labour turnover and improve the attraction and retention of new employees


Setting up an in-house mediation scheme with Globis is a very cost effective way of managing conflict within your organisation. Please call on 0330 100 0809 or email to discuss pricing options.

If your company requires assistance with mediation, but an in-house mediation scheme does not fit your requirements, Globis also offers: