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Tackling Difficult Conversations – 22 February 2017

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Applied Workplace Investigation Skills – 15 February 2017

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Applied Mediation in the Workplace – 1 February 2017

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Press Release: Conflict contributes to 34,000 annual NHS patient deaths

13 January 2017

Human error caused by organisational conflict is contributing to 34,000 deaths annually in the NHS, according to research by Business Psychologist and leading Mediation Practitioner, Clive Lewis OBE DL.

 The research, ‘Mediation and Organisation Diagnosis’ carried out at the University of Westminster, explored whether the principles of medical diagnosis are also applicable to identifying organisational problems in the NHS. It covered the 2-year period up to 2016, analysing the outputs of 40 different mediation cases involving over 210 people – both clinicians and non-clinicians. Acute, Community, Mental Health Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups were included in the sample. The research discovered:

  • The cost of conflict in the NHS is over £0.5bn
  • Sickness and absence levels were 2.6% higher in groups where there was conflict
  • The average time taken from start of dispute to mediation was 19 months and 2 weeks
  • An apology was all that was required to stop the tension in many cases
  • Conflict led to the occurrence of Serious Untoward Incidents (SUIs) such as operations commencing on incorrect limbs
  • Patient cancellations increased by 176% in one hospital department riddled with conflict

Mr Lewis, who is currently touring the country presenting the research to Trust CEOs and NHS membership organisations NHS Providers and NHS Employers, says that the findings are ground breaking. “We have known for some time that we can suffer cognitive impairment when embroiled in conflict. We have never made the link between the potential harm that can patients can suffer as a result – if Surgeon and Anaesthetist become enemies and are in theatre together the consequences for the patient can be devastating”.

 Mr Lewis wants NHS England to recognise the importance of investment in conflict resolution and team working strategies. “There is a potential £0.5bn of savings to be made at a time when the NHS is strapped for cash”. The research also refers to the £1.4bn spent annually by NHS Litigation on negligence claims and how an apology could nip problems in the bud and reduce these costs by one-third. The research denotes mediation as a type of palliative care and concludes that organisation diagnosis is not yet a feature of NHS life.

More information and contact details:

  • Clive Lewis is a Business Psychologist and a student at the University of Westminster and spent two terms as a Non-Executive director at one of the UK’s largest hospitals
  • The research took place in England and all information is used on an anonymous basis
  • The research method used was convenience sampling with qualitative data
  • The average daily cost of locum staff brought in to cover staff absence associated with conflict was £895
  • The average cost of increased sickness and absence per organisation was £2m

 To speak with Mr Lewis about the research please call 0330 100 0809 or email . Follow these links to access the 10,000 word paper and Presentation.

Globis Mediation Group 2017 Training Dates Announced

Globis Mediation Group has published the full list of dates for public training courses in 2017. Building on the success of 2016, more dates have been included. Using business psychology to enhance learning, Globis continues to be a market leader in the areas of Mediation Skills and Difficult Conversations. The successful introduction of the new course ‘Communications Skills for Introverts’ has also led to a crop of dates being added for this programme.
To view the 2017 schedule, please click here. To discuss arrangements for an in-house course, please contact us:
Call: 0330 100 0809

Trade Union Bill receives Royal Assent and becomes Trade Union Act

4 May 2016:

The Trade Union Bill received Royal Assent today.

Key provisions are:-

  • requirement for at least 50% turnout in votes for industrial action
  • in certain public services, including in the health, education, transport, border security and fire sectors, an additional threshold of 40% of support to take industrial action from all eligible members must be met for action to be legal
  • setting a 6 month time limit (which can be increased to 9 months if the union and employer agree) for industrial action so that mandates are always recent,
  • requiring a clearer description of the trade dispute and the planned industrial action on the ballot paper, so that all union members are clear what they are voting for, creating a transparent process for trade union subscriptions that allows new members to make an active choice of paying into political funds ensuring that payroll deductions for trade union subscriptions are only administered where the cost is not funded by the public.

Mediator of the Month – Globis

Globis director Clive Lewis has written an article Wealth & Finance International magazine.

In the article ‘Mediator of the Month – Globis’, Clive talks about his new book How to Master Employment and Workplace Mediation, available now from Bloomsbury Professional.

Clive writes of mediation and the importance of his latest title: Thousands of people have benefitted from being users of mediation services, but unlike employment tribunals they are confidential in nature, meaning that we are unlikely to hear of many successes. A book like this helps draw attention to the positivity of mediation and its advantages for both individual organisations and communities. Like other fields such as art and science, developments in mediation occur as a result of new discoveries, developments which are even more likely as its use grows and diversifies

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w&m cover

Book Launch: How to Master Workplace and Employment Mediation

Clive Lewis OBE DL launched his latest book at a launch party in central London last Wednesday, 16th September.  The book, entitled How to Master Workplace and Employment Mediation has been published by Bloomsbury.   The book launch event was a great success, and was attended by prominent lawyers, as well as figures from the world of workplace mediation and academia.

Clive book launch


Clive Lewis (R), along with Professor Stephen Benton, Director of the Business Psychology Centre at the University of Westminster.

More information

For more information about the book and the mediation services and training courses provided by Globis, please call 0330 100 0809 today.

Advanced Presentation Skills course – 3rd and 4th September

Our next two day Advanced Presentation Skills course is running in London on the 3rd and 4th September. For further details, please click here.

Clive Lewis and Bloomsbury Professional – Book Launch – 16th September

The general launch for Clive’s latest book, published by Bloomsbury Professional, ‘How to Master Workplace and Employment Mediation’ will take place in London on the 16th September. For further information on this exciting new publication, please click here. For guidance on how to join the event, please contact

T:0800 3457703