Globis Mediation Group Training Course Schedule 2017/2018

Globis offers open and in-house courses that meet identified development needs. Our courses cover Mediation, People Management and Key Management Skills. Please contact us to discuss any specific bespoke requirements.

Globis Mediation Group is helping to improve the working lives of thousands of people, across all sectors in the UK and beyond.

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Start Dates
Course Start Dates
Mediation Skills Training      

7 November 2017

25 October 2017
21 November 2017 In-House Only
Foundation in Workplace Mediation Skills (3 Days) 7 November 2017
Introduction to Workplace Mediation (1 Day)

7 November 2017

Practitioner in Mediation Skills (2 Days) 15 November 2017 Refresher Course in Workplace Mediation Skills (2 Days)
7 December 2017
Applied Mediation in the Workplace (2 Days) 13 March 2018 Mediation Advocacy In-House Only
People Management Skills Training
'How to....'

How to Manage Difficult Conversations 

17 October 2017

How to Manage Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

25 January 2018

Applied Workplace Investigation Skills (2 days)

20 March 2018
Work-Life Balance: How to Put Work in its Place and Reclaim Your Life

5 October 2017

Effective Appraisal Skills for Line Managers

18 October 2017 Supervisory and Team Leader Skills (2 days)
7 December 2017
How to Manage Performance

29 November 2017

Advanced Presentation Skills (2days)
7 December 2017

Communication Skills for Introverts
6 December 2017 Managing Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures 7 December 2017

  Developing Personal Resilience  23 November 2017